Organic Cappelli durum wheat

Organic Bibanesi from Cappelli durum wheat

Our organic Bibanesi from Cappelli durum wheat are the result of the love and care we put into baking our products every day. The recipe is simple: just a few quality ingredients to give you a good product with a crisp and bold character. We chose to use this ancient grain, which is grown in Italy and has a hint of chamomile and wild flowers, to give our Bibanesi an unmistakable aroma, further enhanced by the extra virgin olive oil. Our Bibanesi from Cappelli durum wheat are hand pressed, making them unique in shape, and are left to rise for more than one day before being baked. They are the perfect accompaniment for any dish or time of the day.


*"Cappelli" type durum wheat semolina (77.1%)
*Extra virgin olive oil (12.2%)
* Barley malt
Sea salt
* Spelt malt
* Spelt flakes on the surface (0.2%)
May contain traces of sesame seeds, soy and mustard
*Organic ingredient


Traminer wine

They perfectly accompany your happy-hour with a good glass of Traminer wine.


250 g

Article 63 Carton size cm. 41x36x30h
Package weight 250 g Net weight fot cartoon Kg 3.000
EAN code 8 009086 101535 Gross weight fot carton Kg 4.000
Conservation minimum limit 12 months Carton volume 0.045
Packaging material Polyester, Paper, Aluminium, Polyethylene Carton ean code 18 009086 101617
Packs per carton 12 packs Cartons per pallet 42
Package size cm. 19x10x23h Pallet height 230