Wholemeal Unico

i Bibanesi with stone-ground whole-grain flour and wheat germ

UNIQUE because of the passion we put into baking our bread and because Bibanesi are produced thanks to age-old baking methods which spotlight handcrafted excellence. UNIQUE for their high quality, rigorously selected prime ingredients. UNIQUE for their goodness and genuine crispness. Above all, Bibanesi are UNIQUEbecause they are each delightfully different – inimitable in terms of both their shape and appearance.

Stretched by hand after a very slow leavening process that lasts al least 22 hours, the dough is worked manually with the commitment and love of a company that boasts years of experience in bread making.

Made without additives, these delicious baked specialties are produced thanks to some of the most time-tested handcrafted traditions. For all of these reasons, we decided to call our Bibanesi, made with Type 1 flour “UNICO”. Truly delicious, this wholemeal option is characterized by stone-ground whole-grain flour that’s full of raw fiber and important minerals, which transforms Bibanesi into a good, nutritious kind of bread. We use wheat germ, a precious source of nutritions substances that nature offers and extra vergin olive oil that’s sweet and delicate. Both these ingredients enhance the wholemeal goodness, completeness and unmistakable, genuine flavor of Bibanesi “UNICO”, which prove ideal for a healthy, balanced diet.


Wheat flour Type 1
Wholemeal flour (20.0%)
Extra virgin olive oil (11.1%)
Wheat flakes (2.5%)
Wheat germ (2.1%)
Sea salt
Italian acacia honey
Dried malt extract
Malted cereals flour (barley, wheat)
Natural flavourings
Allergy Warning: contains wheat, barley
May contain traces of sesame


Semi-seasoned and spicy marbled cheeses

The integrity and the content of fibre, privileges the combination with semi-seasoned and slightly spicy marbled cheeses.

Red fruits jam

Likeable if combined with red fruit jam or marmelade.


300 g

Article 11 Carton size cm. 41x36x30h
Package weight 300 g / 10.58 oz Net weight fot cartoon Kg. 3,000
EAN code 8 009086 101238 Gross weight fot carton Kg. 4,100
Conservation minimum limit 6 months Carton volume 0,045
Packaging material Polyester, Paper, Aluminium, Polyethylene Carton ean code 08 009086 101238
Packs per carton 10 packs Cartons per pallet 42
Package size cm. 19x10x26h Pallet height 230