Bibanasi Famosi

 The Bibanasi Famosi, made by Beppe Mora exclusively for Bibanesi, characterize the 14th Limited Edition of Bibanesi Classici 400g, released in November 2020.

The artist and cartoonist from Treviso has created 3 packs of Bibanesi Classici 400g: Intellectuals, Historians and Discoverers. Famous personalities of history with a pronounced and important nose, accompanied by short anecdotes that come directly from Beppe Mora's bold and humorous pen.

This Selection underlines, once again, the relationship between Bibanesi and art. The 14th Limited Edition - the second one designed by Beppe Mora - which exalts not only the historical characters but also the peculiarity of Bibanesi: diversity.

To these special packages are added the 2021 Calendar and the Bibanasi-themed Memory Game, fun and playful ideas suitable for the whole family.