Special series Art 3

Van Gogh’s Exhibition and Gauguin’s Travel

The genuine fragrance and quality of Bibanesi Sticks is the result of a wise union between an accurate selection of ingrediants of great value; the production of which is inspired by the utmost artisan tradition.

The dough is delicately hand stretched and shaped. Therefore Bibanesi are created differently from one another, each with its own personality, each one a small masterpiece. Because of a passion for art we were drawn to collaborate with the great Van Gogh Exhibition, The journey Gaughin made will tell us about a passionate adventure he had in Genoa at the Doge’s Palace from the 12th Novembr 2011 to 15th April 2012 with the European and American masterpieces dating back to XIX and XX centuries regarding 40 extraordinary paintings by Van Gogh and Gaughin’s masterpiece “Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?”

The Special Art 3 Series packaging represent the paintings of “Van Gogh and Gaughin’s journey”.