Special series Art 4

Towards Monet. History of the landscape from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth century

The genuine fragrance and quality of Bibanesi. The result of a wise union between an accurate knowledge of prestigious ingredients and a working process that is inspired by the best tradition of a typical artisan bakery.

The dough is manualy stretched and shaped. This is how Bibanesi are created so differently from one another, each with its own character, each in its own way a small masterpiece distinguished from all other breadsticks in commerce. It was for this passion that we were drawn to collaborate with the great “TOWARDS MONET“ Exhibition. The history between the 600’s to the 900’s, foremost in Verona, in Palazzo della Gran Guardia” later in Vicenza at the “Palladian Basilic”. The passionate story of the painted lanscape of the 600’s to Monet’s magnificent water lillies. Ninety paintings from the best museums in the world.

The special Art 4 series is dedicated to Monet’s painting on the packages. The History of landscapes between the 600’s and the 900’s.