Special Series Art 5

Tutankhamon, Caravaggio, Van Gogh

Genuine fragrance and quality of Bibanesi. The result of the wise union between a careful selection of ingredients and fine workmanship that is inspired by the best artisan tradition.

The dough is gently stretched and shaped by hand. For this Bibanesi born so different from each other, each with its own “personality”, each in its own way a masterpiece of art. And the passion for art led us to collaborate in the exhibition “Tutankhamun Caravaggio Van Gogh. The evening and night by the Egyptians to the Twentieth Century.” Since December 24, 2014, and until 2 June 2015, the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza, one of the most extraordinary monuments of the Renaissance, will host a major exhibition, consisting of 115 works from museums around the world, on the theme of the evening and night in art history. Theme of the most fascinating of all time, which will be told how to dive into a landscape of the moon and stars, as well as recovery of an inner night, real sinking into the soul of everyone. So by the amazing images of Egypt, with the faces of the most famous pharaohs and kings, it will rise to masterpieces, among others, from Giorgione to Titian, Caravaggio, El Greek, Monet, Munch, from Gauguin to Van Gogh. All together to let us know the most beautiful lights of the history of painting of all time.

To this event is dedicated the packaging of the Art 5 Special Series “Tutankhamun Caravaggio Van Gogh.”