Special Series Art 6

History of impressionism . Great artists from Monet to Renoir, from Van Gogh to Gaughuin

A genuine fragrance and the quality of Bibanesi bread sticks. The result of a wise knowledge between an accurate selection of superb ingredients and a working procedure that inspires the best artisan traditions.

The dough is softly handled and manually shaped. Thus Bibanesi bread sticks are created so differently among one another; each one with its own personality; each one being a masterpiece of art. It is through the passion of art that has brought us to the grand exhibition in the History of impressionism. Great artists from Monet to Renoir, from Van Gogh to Gaughuin.

From the 26th of October 2016 to the 17th of April 2017 an exhibition will be held in the Museum of Saint Catherine in Treviso in order to synthesize a few years of study on this theme by its creator Marco Goldin.
Extraordinary loans on behalf of Museums and private collections around the world have contributed to reconstruct not only one story but many impressionist stories collected through 120 paintings and sometimes through photographs and colourful incisions on wood subdivided into six sections. This will enable the visitor to follow a path among masterpieces that have marked one of the best revolutions of all times from Renoir to Degas, from Monet to Cezanne and from Van Gogh to Gaughuin.