Special series Art 7

Genuine fragrance and quality of the Bibanesi.

The result of the masterly combination between an accurate selection of good quality ingredients and manufacturing inspired by the best artisan tradition.
The dough is delicately stretched and modelled by hand. For this reason the Bibanesi are so different one from another, each one with its own “personality”, each one in its way a small masterpiece. And it is precisely our passion for art which has urged us to cooperate with the great exhibition Van Gogh. Tra il grano e il cielo.
From 7 October 2017 till 8 April 2018, the Basilica Palladiana of Vicenza exceptionally hosts a very high number of works by the Dutch painter: 40 paintings and 85 drawings.
Initially focused on the decisive years of his training, the exhibition then investigates the Paris period and the so much desired immersion of the artist into the colours of Southern France, first at Arles and then at Saint-Rémy, in Provence, and finally depicting the conclusion of his life with the seventy feverish days of Auvers-sur-Oise. Where everything is accomplished in the horizontal extension of the fields, under a sunny sky or a sky dense with rain that never seems to end. The yellow of the golden wheat and the blue of the sky. The closeness and the remoteness of the world.
It will be like entering the laboratory of Van Gogh’s soul, into that secret place, known only to him, in which his images took shape.