Special series Art 8

The time of Giacometti: from Chagall to Kandinsky

The 8th Special Art Series celebrates our passion for art. In this occasion we created a liaison between the Bibanesi Classici and the great art exhibition in Verona, “ I Tempi di Giacometti from Chagall to Kandinsky. Masterpieces from the Maeght Foundation”.

The exhibition tells the work of some of the most extraordinary artists from the 20th Century. From November 16th 2019 to April 5th 2020, the exhibition will be hosted in the splendid Palace of the Gran Guardia in Verona, in the same square where you can find the well-known Roman Arena. One hundred works amongst sculptures, paintings and drawings. Alberto Giacometti is surely the most important sculptor of the Twentieth Century. This is why the exhibition, with masterpieces from the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul-de-Vence in France, is first of all a vast anthology of the author famous for “L’uomo che Cammina”.

To follow not only his paintings and his drawings, but also many paintings from famous artists that were close to him in Paris, from Chagall to Kandinsky, from Mirò to Braque.