Hand stretched

Production process

The processing procedure is typical of quality artisanal baking.

This tradition, which goes back a very long way, is based on an indirect procedure involving a very slow leavening process of at least 22 hours and up to 36 hours. The ‘long leavening’ process is an important distinguishing element that is proudly preserved in Bibanesi, as it gives the product unique characteristics of fragrance and digestibility.


A fundamental peculiarity of Bibanesi is the manual stretching of the dough.

Once the leavening process is complete, the Bibanesi dough is shaped and stretched by hand. It may seem bizarre or uneconomical today to work the dough manually given the current level of technological innovation achieved by the food industry. But it is only in this way that the molecular structure of the dough does not suffer the traumas of an automated production process (no moulds, cylinders, extruding or refining, etc.) so that, once baked in the oven, it can express an unmistakable lightness.

High-quality ingredients and total absence of preservatives and additives.

The careful selection of ingredients and the decision to use 100% extra virgin olive oil, rich in polyphenols, precious allies of health as they fight cellular ageing, are the basis of a rigorous production process that does not involve the use of any type of preservative or food additive.

The non-perishability and long conservation in optimal conditions of integrity and freshness are favoured, in addition to the packaging (packaging in FSC-certified paper with high barrier capacity), by the very low humidity of the product and the use of certified extra virgin olive oil.

The use of this certified oil guarantees the extraordinary nutritional properties of the precious qualities of extra virgin olive oil, combined with the typically Mediterranean flavour reminiscent of the sun, wheat and olive trees, the genuine delicacy of our traditional agricultural flavours.

These are the simple ‘secrets’ of i Bibanesi, which characterise their quality and originality and make them more fragrant than ordinary hand-rolled breadsticks and more delicious than the usual loaves. They are the right accompaniment at any time of day and lend a distinctive note to your table.