Dario Fo’s Dancing Bibanesi

Dario Fo's Dancing Bibanesi

The Author’s Box of Bibanesi is designed by Nobel Prize winner for Literature Dario Fo, and reveals the face of the painter as well as the better-known face of the actor and playwright. In the dance depicted by Dario Fo, the Bibanesi merge with images of light and incorporeal, mysterious and elusive figures. In a harmonious tension of moving bodies, in the symbolic and emotional gestures of images with a strong evocative power, we find all the energy and expressive power of life.

It is Dario Fo himself who announces it on the back of the packaging, through a literary contribution of his that is a precious testimony on the spiritual value of bread and life: “Perhaps here is the reason why this essential food is considered sacred: since bread is considered, baked and given as a reminder of our origins, where kneading means mixing with one another, loving and joining, so that from the warmth our life may come forth”.