The Merry Bibanesi

We have entrusted the witty and brilliant pen of nationally and internationally renowned cartoonists and illustrators with the creation of Special Series of limited-edition Author Packs, which have now become a classic collector’s item.
And so the Bibanesi, all different because they are handmade, magically transfigured, have become very likeable and amusing characters, figures of surprising sweetness and irony. The “Gli Allegri Bibanesi” packs, with witty wordplay and lively, colourful light-heartedness, delight adults and children equally, giving the genuine goodness of Bibanesi an extra pinch of joyful happiness.

The first series

We have entrusted to the witty and brilliant pen of Zap & Ida this first special series of limited-edition packs, destined to delight with witty calembours fans of the intact and genuine taste for good bread that has made Bibanesi famous. Being hand stretched one by one, makes each Bibanesi different from the other, sometimes with strange and singular shapes: by interpreting their silhouettes, Zap & Ida have created fantastic, ironic and creative characters.

The second series

After the first special series, which was very well received (and immediately sold out!) by passionate Bibanesi consumers, comes ‘The Merry Bibanesi 2’, again signed by Zap & Ida: chunk bread sticks portrayed as funny and playful dwarfs. It is the ever-changing and unique shape, due to the hand stretching of the naturally leavened dough, that leads to each Bibanese being associated with a fictional character, which our illustrator friends then wittingly bring to life.

The third series

“Gli Allegri Bibanesi 3”: the new special series of limited edition packs. Another customised edition, created to give Bibanesi an extra touch of cheerfulness. Entrusted to the playful intuition of Beppe Mora, a refined artist and humorous designer of renown, this third series of “Gli allegri Bibanesi” brings to life the original shapes of the chunky bread sticks, a result of the manual processing of the dough, giving life to a fantastic and merry zoo. For the occasion, the packaging is dressed in blue.

The fourth series

Our chunky bread sticks meet an illustrious character like Pinocchio. Alvalenti, a Sienese designer with a gentle stroke, who was entrusted with the creation of this pack, writes: ‘In the heart of every child, in the heart of every adult in the world, there vibrates a heartbeat of affection for Pinocchio. […] The puppet created in 1880 by Carlo Lorenzini (Collodi) is a universal character, the heritage of every people and every dreaming mind’. Alvalenti’s distinctive style brings the story of Pinocchio to life through the varied and unusual forms of the Bibanesi, with a taste of street chansonnier and a freshness that dazzles.

The fifth series

The lively and lighthearted sweetness of Altan‘s style signs the new limited edition of designer packs, created to add an extra touch of colourful joy to the so incomparably good Bibanesi. Creator of Pimpa, beloved by all children, and internationally renowned cartoonist, Altan has dedicated these beautiful creations to Bibanesi and children. And the Bibanesi, all different because they are all individually hand stretched, have become an original bunch of cute and dreamy animals.

The sixth series

And now… on with the music! The Bibanesi become a band of merry musicians.
Alvalenti, a Sienese cartoonist with a joyful and delicate stroke and already the author of the series dedicated to Pinocchio, has transformed the Bibanesi into a cheerful and festive brigade of musical artists!
Awarded among the finalists of the comic programme ‘Bravo Grazie’ on RaiDue, Alvalenti interprets the original shapes of the Bibanesi, all different thanks to the manual processing of the dough, as a magnificent ‘orchestra rehearsal’!

The seventh series

Giulio Coniglio meets the Bibanesi: this is the protagonist of the seventh special edition of limited edition packs, which has the distinctive mark – for exemplary clarity and narrative pleasure – of Nicoletta Costa, a well-known children’s illustrator and great interpreter of the ‘planet childhood’.
The author makes the Bibanesi interact with Giulio Coniglio, one of her best-known characters.
Thus, the Bibanesi enter the somewhat magical and animist narrative universe of Nicoletta Costa, capable of reinventing ‘art on a child’s terms’.

The eighth series

For the eighth special edition of limited edition packs, Emilio Giannelli, cartoonist for the Corriere della Sera, breaks away from the sting of political satire and dedicates these drawings of unexpected sweetness and sympathy to children and Bibanesi. “Laughing at ourselves is very important, because as long as we can laugh at ourselves there is hope of salvation!”. To these words of great wisdom from Giannelli himself, we add the passion of those who have been making bread for generations following the best craftsman tradition and the unmistakable, crispy fragrance of Bibanesi.

The ninth series - The BibaCirco

Giorgio Forattini artist and cartoonist meets Bibanesi. The famous satirical cartoonist transforms the tasty chunky bread sticks into cheerful characters: here are the protagonists of the ninth special edition of the limited edition packs. Forattini’s pencil turns Bibanesi into Circus figures, a world that has always fascinated young and old, and captures you with its bright irony. And while you enjoy the circus show… what could be better than munching on fragrant Bibanesi?

The Tenth Series - Mordillo's Bibamici

With his joyful and colourful cheerfulness, Guillermo Mordillo, the great international cartoonist and humourist, has created for the tenth special edition of ‘The Merry Bibanesi’ a colourful and attractive journey that inspires positive feelings of affection and tenderness. And amidst the colours, the Bibanesi, transformed into dreamy, carefree characters, play with the enchanted figures of this series dedicated to children.

The eleventh series - The Bibanesi meet Pimpa

In a world of colours, Altan‘s Pimpa, the unmistakable little dog with red dots, returns to play with Bibanesi, giving their genuine goodness a touch of colourful lightheartedness. And the Bibanesi, all different because they are hand stretched, magically become cheerful characters: as Altan says “Childhood is a paradise where everything is possible, like going to the moon and back, at night, in your own bed”. Just like Pimpa does!

The twelfth series - Giulio Coniglio and his Bibanesi friends

For the 12th special edition of limited edition packs, Nicoletta Costa draws the Bibanesi in a new world, populated by Giulio Coniglio and his companions in adventure: Oca Caterina, Topo Tommaso, Lumaca Laura and Cavallo Allumè. Bibanesi thus enter the magical narrative universe of Nicoletta Costa, capable as ever of reinventing ‘art on a child’s scale’. What do you think, will Giulio Coniglio end up preferring Bibanesi to carrots?

The Thirteenth Series – Bibadinosaurs

The dinosaurs designed by Moreno Chiacchiera exclusively for Bibanesi characterise the 13th Limited Edition of Classic Bibanesi packaging. The artist has interpreted the most childlike and playful side of the brand, creating three variants of the traditional pack. This initiative was combined with a rich contest with many prizes up for grabs, from a single entry to the final draw of 6 family weekends at the Mirabilandia amusement park, to themed children’s bed sets, and many calendars and colouring books with Bibadinosaurs.

The Fourteenth Series - Bibanasi Famosi

Beppe Mora, an artist and cartoonist from Treviso, has created three packs of Classic Bibanesi: the Intellectuals, the Historians and the Discoverers. Famous people from history with a pronounced and important nose (the ‘Bibanasi’, precisely), accompanied by short humorous anecdotes. This brings us to the 14th Limited Edition – the second designed by Beppe Mora – which highlights not only the historical figures but also the peculiarity of Bibanesi: diversity. Added to these special packs are the 2021 Calendar and the ‘Bibanasi’-themed Memory Game.

The fifteenth series – BibaOrigami

This is the 15th Special Series, drawn by the pencil of Roberto Vian. His illustrations tell the story of the magical encounter between Bibanesi, an expression of craftsmanship and manual skill, and origami, paper ‘sculptures’ skilfully made by hand.

For the occasion, all Bibanesi packaging is renewed and becomes entirely recyclable in FSC® certified paper.