For schools

Every year Messrs. Da Re hosts more than a thousand students who by visiting the factory have the opportunity of actually observing personally the productive process which is the synthesis between the best artisan traditions and the technological innovation. Our guests are guided along the history of Bibanesi Sticks from their beginning till today, in an interesting journey that starts from the raw materials and through the phases of production to the baked crunchy sticks with the typical fragrance of good hand made bread.

The fact that we meet up with schools is that we are eager to make the student aware and acknowledge the value of food; a value that is indissolubly tied to our origins, to the notion of raw materials and their origin. The connection between food and knowledge, bibanesi sticks transform giving life to an enjoyable relation between the singleness and variety of their shapes in their various aspects. The students are shown the wide iconographc material of the many cartoonists, authors and illustrators who with their creativeness have in time interpreted the personality of Bibanesi Sticks in a multiform world of signs and colour.

The production site thus becomes a place where you can learn about the product and know the history of the company and the passion of those who work there.

Guided Tours

For a guided tour of the company, contact:

  • public relations: 
  • tel. 0438 782022 (guided tours of the factory in Bibano di Godega di Sant’Urbano)
  • tel. 0438 777025  (guided tours of the factory in Zoppè di San Vendemiano)