Special Series

The tasty fragrance and the quality of artisan food products, such as Bibanesi, are the result of an intelligent union between the precise selection of absolute genuine ingredients and a process of bread making implemented according to the best tradition of artisan food products.

The kneading obtained with gluten flour and extra virgin oil is left to rest for more than 18 hours as to reach a perfect natural leavening: The famous “long leavening” procedure which we have practically forgotten. Finally a delicate sprinkle of sesame seeds enriches and exhalts even more their delicate and unique flavour.

The Bibanesi Sticks are then shaped and delicately hand stretched and once baked in the oven they are protected in their splendid packages that maintain the crunchy freshness and desirability unultered for a long time.

For this particular artisan working method which excludes any additive or chemical preservative and for the fresh and natural ingredients applied , Bibanesi are distinguished from any other type of bread or bread stick accompanying at table every meal with agreeableness, and awakening the flavour of a fine hand made bread produced according to the traditional methods of the past.