Gli allegri Bibanesi 1

The first series

Small pieces of handmade bread produced with love for good things and for this reason all the breadsticks are different from one another, sometimes in strange and singular shapes, Bibanesi have become funny and enjoyable cartoon characters. We have entrusted the witty and brilliant pen of Zap & Ida to this first special series of packaging images in a limited edition, destined to gladden the hearts of those who love the intact taste of a good and genuine bread, with enjoyable cartoon figures that have made the Classic Bibanesi famous.

Naturally even in this version of light heartedness, Bibanesi sticks remain the fruit of a union of the most advanced technology of controlled dietary with the best and most rigorous bread making tradition: the manual stretching of the dough after a lengthy leavening process of more than 18 hours is exempt of any preservatives or additives.

Lastly, the precious qualities of extra virgin oil enrich the mixture of ingredients selected with care and with the passion of those who have been making bread for generations.

Just a sprinkle of extra joy!!!