Gli allegri Bibanesi 6

The sixth series

And… now let’s start the music!

Bibanesi have become a band of happy musicians.

A new edition of author packaging in a limited edition, created to give the unmistakably delicious Bibanesi a touch of exrtra light heartedness.

Avalenti, a Sienese designer of a light and delicate touch of his pencil, was once again entrusted to the realisation of this special series and transformed Bibanesi into a happy and festive band of artistic musicians!

The characteristic sign of Avalenti who is already famed for the special series of Pinocchio and has been awarded among the finalists of the programme of comedians “Bravo Grazie” on Rai 2 TV Channel , animates the original shapes of Bibanesi all different from one another thanks to the manual kneading of the dough, reviving with a touch of a street chansonnier a brightness that fascinates the magnificent “orchestra band”!

Naturally, the Bibanesi of this new and precious blue packaging remain the fruit of a union between the most developed technologies of food control and the best traditional bakery: manual stretching of the dough, the lengthy leavening of more than 18 hours and exempt of any preservatives or additives. Lastly the precious properties of 100% Italian extra olive oil enriches the ingrediants carefully selected with the passion of those who have been making bread for generations.

That is why the irresistable crackling and the inimitable quality of Bibanesi recall the fragrance and taste of a good hand made bread of the past.

With just a sprinkle of happy “musical” notes.