Gli allegri Bibanesi 11

Bibanesi meet Pimpa

In her day dreaming colourful world Pimpas meets Bibanesi.
In this new limited package copyright edition by the author Altan – a designer of childrens’ stories and of extraordinary gentle characters –   has dedicated to Bibanesi and to  all children these beautiful images which inspire sentiment of great tenderness and affection.

In a colourful  world  of the amusing doggy with her funny  red  polka dots, she chats happily with Bibanesi donating to their genuine good quality a unique multi coloured cheerfulness. Bibanesi are different to one another due to the manual stretching of the dough, but they suddenly become happy characters and as said by Altan “Infancy is a paradise where everything is possible like going to the moon and coming back at night to your snugly comfy bed, just like Pimpa does.

Enjoy your meat to the delicious and crunchy flavour of Bibanesi!


Pimpa thought of a great present for all children: 12 beautiful colouring drawings.