Gli allegri Bibanesi 12

Giulio Bunny and his friends

Giulio Bunny and his friends will meet Bibanesi Bread Sticks. Here are the protagonists of the 12th series of the packaging in a limited edition which will give an extra touch of colourful joy to the genuine flavour of Bibanesi Bread Sticks.
This special series bears the distinctive stroke of Nicoletta Costa a well loved children’s illustrator of “The Children’s Planet”.

The Artist creates Bibanesi Bread Sticks in a new world populated buy Giulio Bunny and his adventurous friends: Caterina the goose, Tommaso the mouse, Laura the snail and Allume’ the horse.

Thus, Bibanesi Bread Sticks will enter the magical universal narrative of Nicoletta Costa who is able to reinvent “Art to the measure of Children”. What do you think? Will Giulio Bunny end up by preferring Bibanesi Bread Sticks to carrots.

Enjoy a meal with a unique and crispy fragrance of Bibanesi Bread Sticks.