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This collection of recipes is born from our passion for bread and good food, from our vocation to experiment, from the curiosity that has always pushed us towards interpretations and reinterpretations of our Bibanesi chunky breadsticks.
From ideal snacks to accompany every moment of your day, Bibanesi become an essential ingredient to make your recipes appetising and full of flavour.
Now it’s your turn, all you have to do is try our recipes and bring the Italian taste to your table with our USA-made recipes!

USA Recipes

Biba-Humus, pumpkin and herbs

Biba-Humus, pumpkin and herbs Ingredients: 14,10 oz of delic pumpkin 7,05 oz…
USA Recipes

Biba-grape truffles

Biba-grape truffles Ingredients: 3,52 oz of robiola cheese 10 Bibanesi 10 grapes…
USA Recipes

Panzanella with Bibanesi

Panzanella with Bibanesi Ingredients: 3 ripe Cuore di Bue tomatoes 2 cucumbers…
USA Recipes

Biba-shrimp skewers

Biba-shrimp skewers Ingredients: 36 shrimps 3,52 oz of Bibanesi 0,67 fl oz…
USA Recipes

Biba-cheesecake oranges and honey

Biba-cheesecake oranges and honey Ingredients: Base: 7,05 oz of Bibanesi 3,17 oz…
USA Recipes

Biba-finger food with avocado

Biba-finger food with avocado Ingredients: Guacamole: two ripe organic avocados lemon or…
USA Recipes

Biba-sandwich cream of eggplant and cherry tomatoes

Biba-sandwich cream of eggplant and cherry tomatoes Ingredients: Cake: Bibanesi 8,81 oz…
USA Recipes

Biba-cheesecake yogurt and gelee

Biba-cheesecake yogurt and gelee Ingredients: Base: 8,81 oz of Bibanesi 4,93 oz…