For the social

Much more than mere food, bread has always been a symbol of goodness and, above all, nourishment. Our company has a long tradition in bakery and has always felt a strong sense of social commitment, so that the less fortunate can also secure their daily bread. With this sense of responsibility, together with organisations such as Slow Food and Save the Children, we embrace humanitarian initiatives for human growth and development so that the world may be a little more fair and just.

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Bibanesi for the Social

The company has always supported humanitarian activities and initiatives with the awareness that corporate responsibility is a much broader social responsibility that goes beyond the borders of the territory in which it operates to embrace realities and projects of humanitarian, cultural and economic growth and development for a more human and fairer world.

Slow Food

10,000 orchards in Africa

Africa is an endless continent, with 55 states and some 960 million inhabitants speaking more than 2000 languages. The variety of peoples and cultures is matched by an extraordinary wealth of biodiversity. Along the 6000 kilometres of the Rift Valley fault, some of the world’s most interesting ecosystems can be found: such as Lake Victoria, or the Kilimanjaro mountain range.

Bibanesi and Save The Children​

Bibanesi and the Enaate project (Enaate is Aramaic for mother)

With a valuable contribution, Bibanesi decided to finance the Enaate project, which aims to support the 169 health facilities in the Segene area by supplying them with medicines and medical equipment.

Limited Edition of Bibanesi​

Bibanesi classici with extra virgin olive oil 400 g limited edition pack

With this pack Bibanesi support Save the Children’s Every One Campaign by helping to fund a project against child malnutrition in Ethiopia…