For the social

Much more than a food, bread has always been a symbol of goodness and, above all, nourishment. Our company has a long tradition in baking and has always felt a strong duty to engage in social issues, so that even the less fortunate can secure their daily bread. With this sense of responsibility, together with organizations such as Slow Food and Save the Children, we embrace humanitarian initiatives for human growth and development so that the world is a little more fair and just.


Bibanesi for the social

The company has always supported humanitarian activities and initiatives with the knowledge that the responsibility of an enterprise is a greater social responsibility that crosses the boundaries of the territory in which it operates embracing reality and humanitarian growth and development, cultural and economic for a more human and even world.

Bibanesi and Save The Children​

Bibanesi and the Enaate project (Enaate is Aramaic for mother)

Bibanesi with a worthy contribution decided to back the Enaate project which:

Will last for 3 years (from January 2013 to December 2015).
Will be operating in the south of Ethiopia, in the BurjiAmaroKonsoDerashe and All districts

Limited Edition of Bibanesi​

Classic Bibanesi packaged in a limited edition only for 400 g pack

With this Bibanesi’s package have supported the Every One Campaign ‘Save the Children’ by contributing to the fund of a project against infntile malnutritiion in Ethiopia…