Art special series

Our strong passion for art, for the beauty of paintings has drawn us to create a union between the Bibanesi packaging and the important exhibitions that Marco Goldin has taken care of between Genoa and Veneto. On the “Art Series” packages in a limited edition you may visualise the epochal canvases of Canaletto, Gauguin and Monet.
Paintings that take your breath away and charm us with their beauty – famous paintings that the public know about and recognize just sitting at table, from one end of Italy to the other.

Art 1

Luciano Biban

The first Special Art Series 1 of Bibanesi was dedicated to the Friulian Artist (born in Venice, 1935) Luciano Biban on occasion of his personal Exhibition in 2008 at the Castle in Udine “Alla fine del sole” (at the end of the sun). Biban began to explore the colours, and his artistic ability (which permitted him to continue studying.) He was a “help” painter and in 1958 apprenticed at the” Madrisotti “ in Udine where he was a factory worker and then a head poster artist where he perfectioned artisan techniques which eventually were of great help and stimulus in his achievement in advertising. After several experiences collaborating with other graphic artists, he opened his own advertising studio in 1965 reaching great and considerable success both regionally and nationally. Side by side he dedicated himself to painting with great enthusiasm. He participated in numerous collective exhibitions beween 1959 and 1968 which won awards and recognition. He passed away at the age of thirty effected by brain cancer leaving behind his young wife and a son of three.

Art 2


The passion for the place where we were born, for its history and its art, has drawn us to collaborate with the “CANALETTO Exhibition. Venice and its splendours”.

An extraodinary event that offers the guest the opportunity to appreciate ninety paintings of the great Venetian artist and of some of the most famous landscape masters. Paintings coming from 13 different countries in the world from 34 museums. An opportunity not to be missed in Treviso, as to appreciate such a great event and to understand its territrory, its beauty, its typical gastronomy and its wonderful landscapes.

TREVISO – THE HOUSE OF THE CARRARESI- 23 October 2008 -5 April 2009

Art 3

Van Gogh’s Exhibition and Gauguin’s Travel

The genuine fragrance and quality of Bibanesi Sticks is the result of a wise union between an accurate selection of ingrediants of great value; the production of which is inspired by the utmost artisan tradition.

The dough is delicately hand stretched and shaped. Therefore Bibanesi are created differently from one another, each with its own personality, each one a small masterpiece. Because of a passion for art we were drawn to collaborate with the great Van Gogh Exhibition, The journey Gaughin made will tell us about a passionate adventure he had in Genoa at the Doge’s Palace from the 12th Novembr 2011 to 15th April 2012 with the European and American masterpieces dating back to XIX and XX centuries regarding 40 extraordinary paintings by Van Gogh and Gaughin’s masterpiece “Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?”

The Special Art 3 Series packaging represent the paintings of “Van Gogh and Gaughin’s journey”.

Art 4

Towards Monet. History of the landscape from the Seventeenth to the Twentieth century

The genuine fragrance and quality of Bibanesi. The result of a wise union between an accurate knowledge of prestigious ingredients and a working process that is inspired by the best tradition of a typical artisan bakery.

The dough is manualy stretched and shaped. This is how Bibanesi are created so differently from one another, each with its own character, each in its own way a small masterpiece distinguished from all other breadsticks in commerce. It was for this passion that we were drawn to collaborate with the great “TOWARDS MONET“ Exhibition. The history between the 600’s to the 900’s, foremost in Verona, in Palazzo della Gran Guardia” later in Vicenza at the “Palladian Basilic”. The passionate story of the painted lanscape of the 600’s to Monet’s magnificent water lillies. Ninety paintings from the best museums in the world.

The special Art 4 series is dedicated to Monet’s painting on the packages. The History of landscapes between the 600’s and the 900’s.

Art 5

Tutankhamon, Caravaggio, Van Gogh

Genuine fragrance and quality of Bibanesi. The result of the wise union between a careful selection of ingredients and fine workmanship that is inspired by the best artisan tradition.

The dough is gently stretched and shaped by hand. For this Bibanesi born so different from each other, each with its own “personality”, each in its own way a masterpiece of art. And the passion for art led us to collaborate in the exhibition “Tutankhamun Caravaggio Van Gogh. The evening and night by the Egyptians to the Twentieth Century.” Since December 24, 2014, and until 2 June 2015, the Palladian Basilica in Vicenza, one of the most extraordinary monuments of the Renaissance, will host a major exhibition, consisting of 115 works from museums around the world, on the theme of the evening and night in art history. Theme of the most fascinating of all time, which will be told how to dive into a landscape of the moon and stars, as well as recovery of an inner night, real sinking into the soul of everyone. So by the amazing images of Egypt, with the faces of the most famous pharaohs and kings, it will rise to masterpieces, among others, from Giorgione to Titian, Caravaggio, El Greek, Monet, Munch, from Gauguin to Van Gogh. All together to let us know the most beautiful lights of the history of painting of all time.

To this event is dedicated the packaging of the Art 5 Special Series “Tutankhamun Caravaggio Van Gogh.”

Art 6

History of impressionism . Great artists from Monet to Renoir, from Van Gogh to Gaughuin

A genuine fragrance and the quality of Bibanesi bread sticks. The result of a wise knowledge between an accurate selection of superb ingredients and a working procedure that inspires the best artisan traditions.

The dough is softly handled and manually shaped. Thus Bibanesi bread sticks are created so differently among one another; each one with its own personality; each one being a masterpiece of art. It is through the passion of art that has brought us to the grand exhibition in the History of impressionism. Great artists from Monet to Renoir, from Van Gogh to Gaughuin.

From the 26th of October 2016 to the 17th of April 2017 an exhibition will be held in the Museum of Saint Catherine in Treviso in order to synthesize a few years of study on this theme by its creator Marco Goldin.
Extraordinary loans on behalf of Museums and private collections around the world have contributed to reconstruct not only one story but many impressionist stories collected through 120 paintings and sometimes through photographs and colourful incisions on wood subdivided into six sections. This will enable the visitor to follow a path among masterpieces that have marked one of the best revolutions of all times from Renoir to Degas, from Monet to Cezanne and from Van Gogh to Gaughuin.

Art 7

Genuine fragrance and quality of the Bibanesi

The result of the masterly combination between an accurate selection of good quality ingredients and manufacturing inspired by the best artisan tradition.
The dough is delicately stretched and modelled by hand. For this reason the Bibanesi are so different one from another, each one with its own “personality”, each one in its way a small masterpiece. And it is precisely our passion for art which has urged us to cooperate with the great exhibition Van Gogh. Tra il grano e il cielo.
From 7 October 2017 till 8 April 2018, the Basilica Palladiana of Vicenza exceptionally hosts a very high number of works by the Dutch painter: 40 paintings and 85 drawings.
Initially focused on the decisive years of his training, the exhibition then investigates the Paris period and the so much desired immersion of the artist into the colours of Southern France, first at Arles and then at Saint-Rémy, in Provence, and finally depicting the conclusion of his life with the seventy feverish days of Auvers-sur-Oise. Where everything is accomplished in the horizontal extension of the fields, under a sunny sky or a sky dense with rain that never seems to end. The yellow of the golden wheat and the blue of the sky. The closeness and the remoteness of the world.
It will be like entering the laboratory of Van Gogh’s soul, into that secret place, known only to him, in which his images took shape.

Art 8

The time of Giacometti: from Chagall to Kandinsky

The 8th Special Art Series celebrates our passion for art. In this occasion we created a liaison between the Bibanesi Classici and the great art exhibition in Verona, “ I Tempi di Giacometti from Chagall to Kandinsky. Masterpieces from the Maeght Foundation”.

The exhibition tells the work of some of the most extraordinary artists from the 20th Century. From November 16th 2019 to April 5th 2020, the exhibition will be hosted in the splendid Palace of the Gran Guardia in Verona, in the same square where you can find the well-known Roman Arena. One hundred works amongst sculptures, paintings and drawings. Alberto Giacometti is surely the most important sculptor of the Twentieth Century. This is why the exhibition, with masterpieces from the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul-de-Vence in France, is first of all a vast anthology of the author famous for “L’uomo che Cammina”.

To follow not only his paintings and his drawings, but also many paintings from famous artists that were close to him in Paris, from Chagall to Kandinsky, from Mirò to Braque.