The process of manufacturing is that typical of quality handcrafted breadmaking.

Following this tradition dating back to old times we have particularly adopted the indirect procedure that envisages a very slow leavening of at least 22 to 36 hours. The process of long leavening is an important note of prestige which in modern times the industrial food production has almost forgotten.

A fundamental peculiarity of Bibanesi is the hand stretching of the dough.

After the described leavening, the Bibanesi dough is manually shaped and stretched. It may seem bizarre or uneconomical to speak about the manual procedure of the dough concidering the latest technological innovations achieved in the food industry, but it is only in this way that the molecular structure of the dough does not undergo the trauma of an automated manufacting system (no moulds -rollers- estrusion or refining ecc.) and it is characterized by its unique lightness once baked.

During the manufacturing process, no food preservatives or chemical additives, emulsions and amelioratives for baking ecc. are used.

The absence of such components (although permitted by the norms in force) together with the richness of ingrediants, offer a measure of uniqueness of artisan food products such as Bibanesi.
The non perishability of long conservation in excellent conditions of integrity and freshness are the main sources favoured as well as the relative awareness of the alluminium barrier packaging which protects the product from humidity. Furthermore, the advantage is the use of  certified extra virgin oil coming from a famous national cultivar. The use of this Italian certified oil quaranties the extraordinay nutritional richness of the precious quality of extra virgin oil together with the typical meditteranean flavours that recall the sun – the wheat and the olive trees, the genuine delicacy of our traditional agricultural flavours.