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The Company

Tradition and Innovation

From the traditional bread-making of an old Veneto bakery, we are now a modern company that has strictly maintained quality artisan bread-making.

The manual stretching of the dough preserves its structure and makes each Bibanesi different from the other and always unmistakably light.

The very slow leavening process improves fragrance compared to normal breadsticks. Taste and nutritional values are ensured by the qualities of the certified extra virgin olive oil.

We have always felt it our duty to engage in social activities, to ensure that the less fortunate can also be guaranteed their daily bread. A responsibility that translates into many humanitarian initiatives to make the world a bit fairer and more just.

We host over a thousand students each year, for the pleasure of transmitting the value of good, genuine things and giving students the opportunity to experience first-hand the combination of traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation.

Bibanesi have always been linked to the world of art and illustration, and over the years, limited edition packs have been created to highlight beauty, imagination and creativity.

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